The Market’s Top GEM Vehicles Are Now Available at Creative Bus Sales

Here at Creative Bus Sales, we’re recognized for our commitment to offering the market’s best in high-efficiency vehicles. We understand the challenges facing the modern operator and we’re able to respond adeptly by providing quality vehicles from the top manufacturers across the globe. Our sales team is committed to helping all operators find the best GEM vehicles for their purchase requirements.

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Standard Safety Options

  • Automotive safety windshield glass
  • Three-point safety belts
  • Turn signals
  • Adjustable mirrors
  • Windshield wipers
  • Brake lights
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Driver-side horn

Environmental Options

  • Zero tailpipe emissions
  • Passenger seating for up to six
  • Utility, security and gold configurations
  • Plug in charge at home to standard 110-volt outlet
  • Operates on 72-volt battery system
  • Travels up to 30 miles on a single charge
  • Street legal on roads 35 MPH or less


  • All GEM vehicles offer a performance range up-to 30 miles on a single charge
  • Our GEM vehicles are built for operation on streets with speed limits up-to 35mph
  • GEM vehicles represent one of the most fuel efficient, flexible transit options on the market today


  • Our financing team can offer buyers a full range of purchase options to help mitigate costs
  • Our pricing structure is designed to help operators mitigate costs and achieve their ideal pricing
  • GEM vehicles can be operated at exceptionally low cost for applications such as grounds-keeping and construction supply transit


  • We offer utility, gold, and security configurations
  • Passenger seating options are available for up-to six passengers
  • A full range of customization options are available in addition to standard features such as three-point safety belts and automotive safety windshield glass

For buyers requiring a small vehicle for use on a broad range of terrains, the GEM cars for sale through Creative Bus Sales offering a leading class solution. Each vehicle has been built according to the highest of market standards and is designed to offer best-in-class electric vehicle performance for a range of transit demands. Our expert sales team is now available to help guide buyers in selecting their ideal GEM vehicle option. We offer a complete array of financing options to ensure a low cost purchase that will add significant value to all organizations.

To discuss GEM vehicles with a company expert, contact Creative Bus Sales now at 888-633-8380. Our vehicle sales team is standing-by ready to answer your questions and help you pinpoint the perfect vehicle for your organization. Call now to review our low-cost GEM vehicle options!

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