The first purpose built, 100% Electric School Bus

The Synapse is constructed with a monocoque chassis, which is an integrated build, rather than a body on frame construction. Advantages include increased safety, range performance, reliability, and durability.

Available in 32',72' and 90'



  • Higher safety due to stiffness provided by the exterior shell of the vehicle.
  • Synapse’s chassis is built to be the strongest, safest and most durable product on the market with a 10-year structural warranty and 25-year life expectancy.
  • Improved stability due to better weight distribution, avoiding central weight distribution seen in ladder chassis vehicles. This is particularly important for battery placement in electric buses.


  • Increased space of the Synapse construct allows for a larger battery pack, and enables higher range performance.


  • 102” width means more aisle space
  • Passenger Capacity: Synapse 90’ accommodates 90 students, 7% higher than non-monocoque electric vehicles of the same size.


  • Independent front suspension allows for wheels on the same axle to move vertically which translates to a smooth ride and higher stability.
  • ADA Compliant and wheelchair customizable with a full flat floor with floor tracking.


  • The Synapse requires a standard J1772 level II charger, which is readily available, inexpensive, and can also be used to charge electric cars in your fleet
  • A DC Fast Charger can also be used.


  • 100% Clean, no tailpipe emissions
  • Lower lifetime cost Vs. diesel: Electric costs significantly less than diesel and fewer moving parts mean maintenance costs can almost be halved
  • State grants can lower the cost even further

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