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CNG Vehicles

CNG eco vehicles use cleaner alternative fuel to other fossil fuels. CNG is considered a leading clean energy product.

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Propane Vehicles

Propane vehicles for sale. They have more driving time between refills than other alternative fuels.

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GEM Cars

GEM cars are for sale. They are legal on the streets with speed limits up to 35 mph and range up to 30 miles on a single charge.

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Electric Vehicles

Excellent condition on all types of used wheelchair accessible buses and vans.

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Hydrogen Vehicles

Hydrogen vehicles for sale by Creative Bus Sales. They allow for zero-emissions and are one of the cleanest alternative fuels.

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Reduce Costs & Ensure Cleaner Performance with Alternative Fuel Vehicles from Creative Bus Sales

Creative Bus Sales is now the trusted specialist offering a complete range of alternative fuel vehicles to clients across the marketplace. Our team has a clear picture of the challenges our clients face on the road and that’s why we offer alternative fuel vehicles designed to respond to these challenges. Whether operators are looking to reduce gas consumption costs or adhere to strict marketplace environmental standards, Creative Bus Sales is the marketplace partner for quality alternative fuel vehicles.

The specialists here at Creative Bus Sales have many years’ experience helping guide clients in selecting alternative fuel vehicles for their long-term transportation requirements. We’re available around the clock to answer all questions To learn more on the full range of alternative fuel vehicles now offered through the team here at Creative Bus Sales, please call our offices directly at 888-633-8380 or visit our online form.

  • Creative Bus Sales has significant experience in the alternative fuels market. We harness this experience to up-fit vehicles for optimal reliability.
  • Our buses are built according to the highest standards in the marketplace and are tested regularly for assured performance.
  • Our 35 years’ experience in the marketplace means we’re the trusted expert for all alternative fuel vehicle requirements.
  • Our team has the marketplace understanding to seamlessly pinpoint the best available vehicle for our clients’ long-term operational needs.
  • Creative Bus Sales specializes in offering affordable vehicles built for the highest of performance standards.
  • We offer a complete range of financing services through our in-house financing department, which means we can offer alternative fuel vehicles for every budget.
  • As one of the largest alternative fuel vehicle dealerships across the country, we welcome trade ins and can help clients achieve full value for money for their current vehicle.
  • Our connections to the leading market manufacturers mean we can help buyers find the best available alternative fuel vehicles at the lowest pricing in the marketplace.
  • Our up-fitting expertise means we can add a full array of options to almost any type of vehicle.
  • Our CNG vehicles come replete with standard features such as solenoid cylinder valves with individual fuse protection and de-fueling ports.
  • Our propane vehicles are available in a full range of platform choices with distinct customization options.
  • Our GEM cars come available in utility, security, and gold configurations, and with a range of customization options.
  • Our electric vehicles are available with options such as low floors and high capacity performance levels.
  • Our hydrogen vehicles are designed for zero emissions and come available with a full range of customization options.
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