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Buying multifunction school activity buses requires a complete understanding on the latest safety features and performance benefits. Here at Creative Bus Sales, we work with clients to help them understand their options and to guide them on the leading models available within the market. Our complete range of MFSAB options for sale ensures we can match all buyers with their ideal vehicle. We can help finance the deal too by offering affordable rates through our financing department. We are the trusted service for buyers seeking high performance multifunction school activity buses for sale on the modern market.

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  • Each of the MFASB models in our catalogue feature steel cage construction for maximum protection and performance on the road
  • Our buses are built by trusted manufacturers such as Goshen Coach and Starcraft to ensure maximize return on investment for clientele
  • Creative Bus Sales’ MFSAB vehicles are designed to meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards
  • Our maintenance team has over 35 years’ experience in the marketplace to help support all performance objectives


  • We operate a leading market financing department to ensure clients achieve full value for their MFSAB vehicle
  • We continually analyze our pricing to ensure we offer the best rates for the top models in the industry
  • We have a fully-staffed sales team working around-the-clock helping buyers to reduce their costs while pinpointing the ideal vehicle for their transit requirements


  • Our multifunction school activity buses for sale are designed with a full range of customization options to help make each vehicle suitable for the client
  • We offer a full range of alternative fuel vehicle options to ensure clients reduce their gas costs in the coming years
  • Our warranty options provide clients with first-class protection for their investment

The team here at Creative Bus Sales is ready to help you pinpoint the highest quality MFSAB option for your fleet! We’re available around-the-clock to guide the sales process.

To speak with a recognized specialist with years of sales experience, call our trusted team now at 888-633-8380. Our team is standing-by to answer your call and provide expert guidance.

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