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Discover the Latest High-Efficiency Vehicle Options Now for Sale Through Creative Bus Sales

Buying a vehicle for a growing fleet requires the operator to consider a full range of factors. They must analyze the marketplace and determine the potential options. They must also work within a specific budget and purchase vehicles that offer lasting value within their marketplace. At Creative Bus Sales, our team is recognized as the trusted leader offering a range of bus and van vehicles for sale. Our comprehensive inventory includes all the options buyers might require for improving their fleet in the coming years.

Widely regarded as the market specialists for high efficiency, high performance vehicles, Creative Bus Sales has the experience to guide all vehicle purchase processes for our clientele. If you’re seeking a new vehicle for your fleet, we’re the ideal purchase partner.
It’s simple to begin the purchase process. You can speak with a Creative Bus Sales representative today by calling 888.633.8380. Our sales team will be happy to answer each of your questions and get you started buying your next vehicle.

  • Whether buyers choose a new or used bus, we guarantee the vehicle’s optimal performance
  • Our team works with trusted manufacturers such as Starcraft to deliver proven returns for our clients’ investment
  • We employ the leading vehicle maintenance teams in the industry, ensuring any repair issue can be resolved seamlessly
  • Our team has over 35 years’ experience within the vehicle sales marketplace, ensuring we can pinpoint the ideal vehicle for all clientele
  • Whether buyers are seeking out school buses or the latest wheelchair accessible bus options, we can help them reduce purchase costs
  • Our financing team offers a range of options, including leasing deals to help buyers purchase within their budget
  • We research the market carefully to analyze ways to reduce pricing and empower clientele
  • We offer a full array of sizing options and seating arrangements for all our vehicles
  • Our vehicles come replete for sale with comprehensive warranty options
  • Each vehicle can be designed with a unique layout to suit client requirements
  • Creative Bus Sales can offer vehicles in a number of alternative fuel use styles
  • We offer leading-class safety features for all vehicles for sale
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