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We have collected these resources to ensure that our customers are as comfortable with their vehicles as we are.


Want to see your prospective vehicle in action? Watch one of our product videos! It will walk you through your entire vehicle.
General Overview Videos
General Overview Light Duty Buses
Light Duty Buses
Product Video - Medium Duty Buses
Medium Duty Buses
Industry Videos
Product Video - Airport Shuttles
Airport Shuttles
Product Video - Casino's & Resorts
Casino's & Resorts
Product Video - Church Buses
Church Buses
Product Video - Colleges and University Buses
Colleges and University Buses
Product Video - Retirement and Health Buses
Retirement and Health Buses
Product Video - Ski Resort Buses
Ski Resort Buses
Product Video - Transit Buses
Transit Buses
Starcraft Quest XL Overview
Starcraft Quest XL Overview
Starcraft Quest XL Features
Starcraft Quest XL Features
Tour and Limo Bus Videos
Product Video - Tour and Limo Buses
Tour and Limo Buses
Product Video - Federal Spirit 27
Federal Spirit 27
Product Video - Krystal Koach Limo Bus
Krystal Koach Limo Bus
Product Video - Berkshire Coach
Berkshire Coach
Customer and Vehicle Care
Product Video - Customer & Vehicle Care
Customer & Vehicle Care
Product Video - Bus Owner’s Manual
Bus Owner's Manual Supplement
Facility Videos
Facility Video - Chino, CA
Chino, CA
Facility Video - Hayward, CA
Hayward, CA
Facility Video - Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA
Facility Video - Elkhart, IN
Elkhart, IN
Facility Video - Canby, OR
Canby, OR
Facility Video - Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Facility Video - Albuquerque, NM
Albuquerque, NM
Facility Video - Tulsa, OK
Tulsa, OK
Facility Video -Jacksonville, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Facility Video - Davie, FL
Davie, FL
Facility Video - Mukilteo, WA
Mukilteo, WA
Facility Video - Irving, TX
Irving, TX
Green Alternative Systems
Facility Video - Chino, CA
GAS Success Story

Vehicle Brochures

Our vehicle brochures offer quick, easy-to-read information on a plethora of vehicles. You can get information about capacities, seating arrangements, wheelchair lifts, luggage compartments, and more all layed out in front of you.
Manufacturer Brochures

Helpful eBooks

Our helpful eBooks will guide you through the ins-and-outs of buying any categories of vehicles. These eBooks are sure to answer any questions you may have.