Creative Fleet Leasing is our in-house financing division and is dedicated to structuring the right package to meet any customers’ needs. Lease terms, types, residuals, and other options are all fully negotiable and customizable. Creative Fleet Leasing will work with you to decide on the best financing package for your needs. We make the final decision, not the bank!

Lease Purchase: Option

You retain the option to purchase your vehicle at lease expiration.

  • Keep the depreciation benefits
  • Preserve your credit line
  • Zero down payment available (depending on credit and payment)
  • Sales tax is billed monthly
  • You may purchase the equipment at lease expiration or return it

Lease Purchase: Sale

You own the vehicle at the end of your lease.

  • Keep the depreciation benefits
  • Zero down payment available (depending on credit and payment)
  • Preserve your credit line
  • Sales tax is paid at onset of lease
  • You own the equipment at lease expiration by paying as little as $1.00

Operating Leases

 You return the equipment at the end of your lease and walk away.

  • Equipment does not reflect your balance sheet
  • Sales tax is billed monthly
  • Zero down payment available (depending on credit and payment)
  • Walk away from your equipment at lease expiration with no obligations
  • Equipment may be purchased at lease expiration as well.

TRAC Leases

 You have the option to purchase your vehicle for an agreed upon residual or walk away and pay nothing.

  • Equipment does not reflect your balance sheet
  • Lower rates available due to depreciation being kept by the Lessor
  • Zero down payment available (depending on credit and payment)
  • Purchase your equipment at an agreed upon residual at lease expiration or walk away
  • Sales tax is billed monthly

Traditional Loan Financing

 You own the vehicle.

  • Sales tax is billed at purchase
  • You own the vehicle
  • Keep the depreciation benefits
  • Bus lease or purchase will reflect on your financial statements

Municipality Loan

If you qualify as a municipality, we can offer you extremely low rates because of the tax exemption treatment that is provided to you.

Contact us for more information.

Alternative Fuel Leasing Option
  • Structured using any one of the above options
  • You own the vehicle
  • The complete bus and conversion are financed together.

There are many benefits to working with Creative Fleet Leasing!

One Complete Source

Vehicles can be purchased, financed, and serviced by Creative all in the same transaction. Working with Creative eliminates the redundant phone calls and wasted time that dealing with multiple companies can entail.


Creative Fleet Leasing is dedicated to structuring any package that is perfect for any customer needs.

Fast Credit Approval

Depending on credit and size of the transaction, we can have credit approval within one business day.

Competitive Rates

Creative Fleet Leasing has developed unique financing programs that no other lender in the market can provide. This allows us to provide financing that is well below what other lenders can provide for the same vehicles.

Higher Residuals

By working with our used vehicles sales department, Creative can offer higher residuals on vehicles, resulting in a lower monthly payment.

Walk-Away Leases

For those who prefer not to own their equipment, Creative can structure an operating lease whereby customers are able to return the equipment and walk away with no obligation to purchase.

Lease to Own

Our financing department can structure packages allowing customers to expense their payments as a lease and ascertain ownership upon disbursement of their final payment.


Short-Term Leases

With our extensive inventory, Creative can structure short-term leases between 3 and 18 months to assist customers with uninterrupted service, while ordered equipment is being custom built and delivered.

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